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Zoom Collar Circolo de Acero Inoxidable Bañado en Oro
Zoom Mujer con Collar Circolo de Acero Inoxidable Bañado en Oro
Zoom Mujer con Colgante Circolo de Acero Inoxidable Bañado en Oro
Zoom Mujer con Gargantilla Circolo de Acero Inoxidable Bañado en Oro
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€27,00 EUR


"Essentials" was born as a form of expression, to make women feel free and empowered. A unique jewellery collection that sets the trend and is governed by the integrating spirit of Vesiica, with the intention of inviting women to explore and embrace their individuality in a fresh and creative way.


Circolo Necklace
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: 14kl gold bath
Length of chain: 39cm + 5cm

Note: Due to the unique nature of the product, exact colors and patterns may vary slightly from the image shown

Your purchase has the power to generate a positive impact. The causes that are important to you are also important to us.

That's why we donate 3% of your purchase to charity, at no additional cost to you.

Thanks to our partner "ShoppingGives", from Vesiica Brand we can give shape to our purpose and offer our customers the opportunity to choose from various causes. What is your cause?

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Orders are prepared within 24/48 hours. Once the shipment has been made, you will be notified by email and provided with a link for tracking purposes.

Vesiica Jewelry:

All our jewelry is 14k gold-plated stainless steel. Vesiica jewelry is of the highest quality. They are designed so that you can wear them every day without any problem and they will last as new for as long as possible.

Here are some basic tips to preserve their original look:

-Avoid as much as possible to do physical exercise with them.

-Always wear them correctly so as not to damage the zippers or change their original shape.

-Treat them with love to avoid unnecessary knocks and scratches.

- Avoid spraying perfume, alcohol products or creams on them.

Cleaning your jewelry:

-Clean them with a soft cloth or towel, and wash them from time to time with warm water and neutral soap (avoiding chemical products, if they are ecological better) rubbing the article with a soft toothbrush to remove possible embedded dirt. It is important to rub it subtly to avoid the wear and tear of the bath.

Where to store your jewelry:

-Order your necklaces individually, to prevent knots from forming so as not to damage or break the chains.

-Save your earrings in pairs and with their corresponding clasps to prevent them from getting lost.

-Do not leave your jewellery in a place with sun exposure, hot or humid places (clearly avoid storing your jewellery in a bathroom).

-You can store your jewelry in a padded jewelry box or in individual plastic (polyethylene) bags with a hermetic seal. Avoid storing them in rubber containers.

Our jewellery comes with its suede envelope and Vesiica box.

Each Vesiica box can contain up to 4 suede envelopes with your jewellery.

If you wish you can add Additional packaging.


€27,00 EUR


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