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Keys to a perfect jewelry background

Just as we have a basic closet with basic garments, in jewelry there are some infallible basics infallible basics that will go with any look. Therefore, we leave you some tips so you can create your perfect jewelry collection and have the perfect jewel for every occasion.


Of different thicknesses

The ideal is to include in our closet a more special ring with several minimalist rings.

accompanied by several minimalist rings.


Of different lengths

Having minimalist pendants of different heights will give us the versatility we are looking for in every look, being able to combine them with each other and wear one of the biggest current trends, layering. layering pendant layering (click here to learn more).. For this, we recommend having pendants of various thicknesses and lengths that allow you to create different combinations.


Of different types

The versatility that charms give you is that with the same chain, you can create different looks.

The ideal is to have several different charms to combine them on different occasions and thus make each look unique.



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