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Choose earrings according to your hairstyle

Choosing the right jewelry for each look is not an easy task. The most important thing, without a doubt, is to feel comfortable and confident but, if we want a perfect harmony, it is important that the outfit works, from the hairstyle to the styling.

Here are some tips to help you achieve it!

In addition to the hairstyle, we must not forget that the shape of your face and its length are of utmost importance:

the key is to find harmony between the shape of your face and together with the earrings and hairstyle.

Loose hair

Choosing earrings for loose hair is a simple task, but keep in mind that your jewelry can also be hidden by your hair, so your earrings may lose the attention they deserve. We recommend small earrings, and if they have a colored stone, more luminosity to your face.

Updo hairstyle

If you wear your hair up in a bun, either low or high, the earrings will be the protagonist. If you wear a high bun, wear long earrings to give a striking touch to your look. On the other hand, with a low bun, more romantic, it is better to wear a short earring or a stick-on earring, adorned with pearls or colored stones to make them stand out.

Short hair

Short hair is the most versatile hairstyle when it comes to choosing earrings. To make the most of your short hair, go for hoop earrings if you have a rectangular or oval face shape; or dangling earrings if you have an oval face. Also ear cuffs, which are in full trend, will go great with your haircut.


As with short hair, it is advisable to match the earrings to your face shape. Therefore, if your ponytail is high and your face shape is elongated, the ideal earrings are hoops, which will make your face look rounder. On the contrary, if you have a round face, go for long earrings, as they will visually lengthen your face shape.

Curly hair

Button or small earrings are ideal for everyday wear, but if you want to add a sexy touch, hoop earrings will be your best ally.

The latest in trends

Have you heard about earcuffs, but don't know what they are?

We always want more. More earrings and more earrings. But... don't you have more ear piercings?

Earcuffs are here to stay. They are held in the ear by "squeezing" them and can be placed in the lower, middle or upper area!


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