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Tips to wear several necklaces together in style

As with clothing, combining jewelry is an art. We have been seeing it for several seasons, and the layering of necklaces is here to stay. Its meaning comes from the word layer, which means layer. This trend consists of combining and superimposing necklaces and chains.

Why is it so important?

It is a way to elevate any basic and bring a touch of your personality to the look. In addition, it is also used to give prominence to a piece and that other necklaces are an accompaniment. In today's post we show you our tips to get your perfect layered looks and make the most of your jewelry collection.

Read on to master this trend!

Choose a color and go for it

At Vesiica we love gold. We advise you to choose a metal (gold, silver or rose gold) and form a combination according to it.

However, colors suit all tastes; if your style is to mix metals, a growing trend, don't be afraid to mix them.

Choose your charm

Having a few charms in your jewelry collection will help you to make every look different.

Besides, layering is a very personal thing, so we recommend you to choose a special charm for you and give your layered look your own style.

Maintain order and space

It is important to place them at different levels so that a delicate combination is seen and it does not look like a hodgepodge where they are mixed with each other.

Ideally, each one should occupy a specific place from the neck to the chest.

Mix and Match

Combining different shapes and textures is always welcome. Add to your look chunky chains with minimalist, with medallion and without medallion...

Last but not least... pay attention to your clothes!

When choosing your necklaces, keep in mind the outfit you want to wear, as it will determine how you wear them. For example, if you are going to wear a neckline, you can wear long necklaces to go with it. In the case of turtleneck sweaters, place your necklaces on top of it to add a touch of personality to your look.



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